Beef derail Diesel

05/18/03 Beef Press Release

Tri-City Diesel Hit rough track as the Omaha Beef derailed their effort to win at the Omaha Civic Auditorium in front of a enthusiastic crowd of 3,706 Sunday afternoon beating the Beef’s all-time scorning record by one point and bringing the tenth week in division play to a close by winning over the Tri-City Diesel by 81-14.

The Beef came into the game with a 5-2-0 record leading the division. The Tri-City Team came in with a 3-4-0 record.

            Omaha Beef received the kick to start the game and start the attack. With less than four minutes of play the Omaha Beef‘s Wide Receiver, Gordon Herman came thundering down the field to score the first touchdown of the game and make the score 6-0 followed by Kicker Chance Longs usual exemplary performance as he put the first extra point of the game through the uprights to bring the score to 7-0.

            The Tri-City Diesel tried valiantly to make hamburger out of the Beef, but it just didn’t happen. Tri-City had several surges that were stopped by the stampeding Beef’s defensive team. The Beef’s Defensive team played as if they didn’t know that the Tri-City team was there to score and just kept putting the wall up for them.

            It wasn’t until Tri-City’s Justin Comstock intercepted one of Troy Travis’ long, hard bullets that the Tri-City team seemed to muster some fire and attempt a comeback. Fortunately, the Beef didn’t let that happen because of dynamic plays like Troy Travis’ two minute stand where he ran it in to bring the first quarter to and end with a score for 14-0 in favor of the Beef.

            The Beef’s dynamic offensive team took the game seriously as Troy Travis took it in after fighting the Tri-City defensive team for several yards to score and bring the points to 20 followed by another of Long’s extra points to bring the score to 21-7 with 7:09 left in the half. 

With 3:34 seconds left in the first quarter the Beef’s Dynamo Quarterback, Troy Travis decided to prance in to score again and bring the score to 27-7 followed by the fancy footwork of Chance Long as he again visited the uprights and put in the extra-point to make the score 28-7. The beef brought in another touchdown and extra point to bring the score to 35 - 7

            With less than two minutes left the Tri-City team came back and scored for the second time to end the 2nd quarter with a score if 35-14 still in favor of the Beef.

The 3rd quarter started with the Tri-City team working hard out of the gate to try to even the score in a futile effort.

It wasn’t until late in the third quarter that Clinton Childs again put his wheels on and scored with less than 6:30 left to bring the score to 41-14 in favor of the Beef.

Chance Long, league leading kicker, decided to better his record and again put another through the uprights to bring the score to 42-14 as the offensive team put the hurt on the Diesel team and sent them to the roundhouse for repairs.  Number 1 for the Beef, Herman Gordon decided to put on his tap shoes and bring the score to 55-14 with a minute left as Chance Long again exercises his abilities and puts another through the uprights.  This helped the beef end the third quarter with a score of 56-14 in favor of the Beef.

Clinton Childs scored within 4 minutes of the start of the fourth quarter to bring the score to 62 – 14 before Chance Long put up the extra point to bring the score to 63-14. 

With visions of a second-half shut-out dancing in their heads, the Beef’s offense and defensive teams worked in unison beautifully to make sure that the Diesel didn’t have an opportunity to come back and get on the board again.

The only explanation I can give for the fourth quarter was that the Omaha Beef played and the Tri-City team came to watch. They just happened to be on the field and get pushed, shoved and beaten into submission by a well oiled, smart Omaha Beef club.

In the end the beef ran the score up to a humiliating 81 points over the Tri-City Diesel team and didn’t give the Diesel the opportunity to score again no matter what they tried.  The final score was 81-14 in favor of a dynamic Omaha Beef Football team could only be experienced as they showed no merci for the Tri-City team.




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