Beef massacre the Cavalry

05/25/03 Beef Press Release

Whoever called the Cavalry to the Omaha Civic Auditorium on Saturday May 24, led them in to a bloody massacre as the Omaha Beef football team beat the Wyoming team by 64-43 in front of 4,023 cheering fans. The Omaha Beef came into the 9th game of the season with a 6-2 record while the Cavalry had a record of 5-4 before the slaughter took place.

The Beef kicked off to the Cavalry and the march to the end zone was on for both teams. It took the Cavalry over 6 minutes to march down and score the first touchdown of the game. The Beef's defensive wall held the Cavalry until Wyoming's Simmons scored with just under 9:00 left to make the score 6-0 Wyoming. The kick for the point after was off the uprights and left the score 6-0 for the visitors from the West.

The Beef's Clint Childs used his knowledge of gridiron war tactics to his advantage and fight his way into the end zone with 4:44 left in the 1st quarter to tie the score and make it 6-6. Chace Longs usual kicking strategy was put at odds when a Cavalry defensive man blocked his extra point kick only to have it called back so the Beef could be blessed with a reprieve because the Wyoming team had three men on the line. Chace took advantage of the second try and made this one good to make the score 7- 6 in favor of the Beef and putting them up for the first time in the game.

The Beef held the Cavalry until 1:46 left and the Cavalry's Simmons again scored to bring the score to 12-7 over the Beef.

With only seconds left in the quarter, Omaha Beef's Clinton Childs again raced down to the grass in the end zone and scored to save the momentum of the Beef and bring the score to13-12 in the Beef's favor. This was used as a sign by Beef's Kicker, Chace Long to work his magic and put it through the uprights which he did with his usual grace to bring the score to 14-12 Beef and ending the 1st quarter with the Beef leading.

To start the 2nd quarter the cavalry quarterback, Matt Strand, fumbled the ball under the fearless Beef defensive attack with just 35 seconds into the quarter. The Beef's mauling Defensive Lineman; Dwayne Harris recovered the bobble to help the Beef take the game back.

With less than 2 minutes into the quarter Clinton Childs scored a much needed touchdown to bolster the Beefs spirits and bring the score to 20-12 in favor of the Beef. Chace Long put it up and through the goal post to make the score to 21-12 to do his part in this battle.

With 6:37 left in the Quarter the Cavalry again attacked and scored with a weak, but effective drive to make the score 21-18. The Beef were still in control of the field as the Cavalry tried in vain.

Quarterback Troy Travis saw a chance to sneak in with 5:45 left before the half and put his dancing shoes on and waltzed 18 yards in to bring the score to 27-18 in favor of the Beef. The hard-won score was again followed by the fancy footwork of kicking aficionado, Chace Long to put it through the uprights to bring the score to 28 -12 Beef.

The Cavalry came back with less than 2:30 left to score again against all odds and bring the score to 28-24. Trying their hardest, the cavalry couldn't overtake the Beef before the half. With 2:00 minutes left the Cavalry did take two points away by faking the kick and passing for an extra 2 points making the score 28-26 still the Beef.

Quarterback, Troy Travis of the Beef managed to loose his grip on the ball and fumble it and give the Cavalry a fighting chance with 1:51 left before the half.

The Cavalry again came back with less than 1:45 left with a high end-over-end 40 yard kick to take the lead 29 -28. Not to be held down, the Beef came marching back with less than a minute to score when Clinton Childs slid into the end zone to make the score 34-29 and recapture the lead. Chace Long again toe taps it through the uprights to make the score 35-29

The 3rd quarter started with the Beef receiving the kick and driving hard to the goal. It wasn't until the 2nd down that quarterback; Troy Travis pushed it to the one yard line to open the door for the Beef to score. The Wyoming team seemed a little miffed as they had an unsportsmanlike conduct call to give the Beef a better chance. Taking advantage of the Wyoming tempers, Troy Travis took it in on the very next play to bring the score to 41-29 followed by Kicker, Chace Longs extra point to bring the score to 42-29 in favor of the Beef.

The Wyoming Running Back, Anthony Simmons answered the Beefs call and returned the favor and scoring after a 31 yard run to make the score 42-35 followed by the extra point to make it 42-36.

Not to be outdone the Beefs', Clinton Childs rallied back with a touchdown up the middle to bring the score to 41-35 in favor of the Beef. The Beef's dynamic play calling paid off with a quick 2 point conversion play to make the score 50-36 Beef.

Dante Jones,#25 for the Beef intercepted a bullet to help set the stage for a Beef strong-arm job except for the fact that powerhouse #99, Dwayne Harris for the beef was ejected for a dead ball foul with less than 9:00 left in the third quarter hindering the Beef and making them rethink

The Beef's Running Back and resident madman, Clinton Childs took the ball in with just :16 seconds left in the quarter to give the Beef a 20 point lead as Kicker, Chace Long again repeats his visit to the uprights and puts it through the long, tall fingers of the goal post to make it 57-36.

Starting the 4th quarter with an 11 point lead gave the Beef momentum until Wyoming's Simmons fought his way through the Beef's hard-hitting defense to score and bring the score to 57-42 with a tag along extra point to make the score 57-43 with just under 12:00 left in the game.

With under 8:25 left in the game the Beef fought their way through an ill-tempered, bad mannered Cavalry team to score again and make the score 63-43 to maintain their 10
point lead. Chace Long again put it through the uprights for the extra point and make it 64-43 to keep the pressure on the unprepared Wyoming team.
Late in the last quarter, LeAndre Moore pulled one out of the air for an interception with only 4:44 left. After that it turned into a nightmare for the visiting Wyoming team as they just had to endure the rest of the game, never scoring again.

The final score in this hard-won bloodbath was 64-43 with the Beef coming out on top and stopping the Cavalry's stamped in the dust.




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