Beef send "Train to roundhouse

06/07/03 Bill Cornell Beef Press Release

The Omaha Beef came to the Civic Auditorium Friday night to better their record and show the LaCrosse team what real indoor football was and they did. As it turns out the auditorium was the site of the LaCrosse Night Trains ninth bitter season loss as the Beef demolished the Train by a score of 64-34 while derailing every LaCrosse attempt to win. 

The Omaha Beef Came into week 13 of the regular season with an 8-2 record while the LaCrosse team came into the game with a 3-8 record.

The Omaha Beef did the dastardly deed to the LaCrosse team in front of 3508 excited, loyal National Indoor Football League fans to seal their fate as the undisputed Pacific Conference's Northern Division leaders.

The Beef took the kickoff to no avail as they marched down the field only to be stopped by the Night Train's defense at mid-field. The Night Train rolled back down the track to the end zone first to score with 10:46 left in the quarter and make the score 6-0. Night Train's Brett Gordon followed the six points up with a field goal to make the score 7-0 in favor of the Night Train.

Struggling to gain momentum, the Beef pulled it back together just 9:20 into the quarter as Quarterback Troy Travis hit Beef's Running Back, Clinton Childs and let him muscle his way into the end zone to bring the score to 7-6.  Beef Kicker, Chace Long put it up and through the uprights to tie the score 7-7 and put an end to the runaway Train's attempts to dominate the quarter.

With only 1:52 left in the quarter, Beef's Jesse Von Behren caught a bullet from Quarterback Tory Travis and fought his way in from 35 yards to put the Beef in the lead for the first time in the game by 6.  Chace Long again put his leg into it and scored the extra point bringing the score to14-7 in favor of the Beef.

With only seconds left in the quarter, Omaha Beef's Defensive Back, Pat Davis stopped any hopes the Night Train had of scoring again in the quarter with an interception in the end-zone as the Beef finished the quarter on their own terms.

With 9:49 left in the second quarter, Beef's Kicker, Chace Long booted a long, 51 yard, season best, end-over-end three pointer to make the score 17-7 in favor of the Beef.

With less than 7:00 left in the second quarter, Beef's Keith Mercer picked off a short pass at the 10 yard line from LaCrosse Quarterback, Sean Hoolihan to let the steam out of the Night Train's little engine that couldn't.

With just under 4:00 to go before the half, Quarterback, Troy Travis marched 17 yards into the end-zone to make the score 23-7 and have his teammate, Beef's Kicker and right-hand man, Chace Long, put it up once again, and elevate the score to 24-7 with the Night Train slowing to a crawl before the half. 

Trying in vain to build a full head of steam, the Night Train came rolling back with only 2:03 left before the half and scored in a half hearted attempted to stay on track by making the score 24-13 to let Night Train Kicker, Brett Gordon put the one point up and through the posts, making the score 24-14 with the Beef still leading.

The Night Train again forced the issue with quick spurt of steam and scored with less than 4:00 left to make the score 24-20.

In response to the gallant effort by LaCrosse, Troy Travis came back for a 7 yard stroll into the grass to bring the score to 33-20 and end the half.

The Night Train came out of the half to start the quarter with a full head of steam and rallied to score in four plays bringing the score to 31-27 after the extra point.

Answering the call for more pigskin in the end-zone, Beef's Clinton Childs literally walked  the one  yard in to make the score 38-27 after another boot from Kicker, Chace Long.

The derailed Night Train from LaCrosse came back with 9:57 left to run the score up to 38-33 followed by LaCosse's Kicker, Bret Gordon's point-after to bring the score to 38-34.

Not to be out done, Beef's Clinton Childs again found the grass and again scored in a courageous effort to boost the score to 44-34 with 7:40 left. Chace Long doing his "through the yellow uprights thing" to bring in the extra point and help capture an 11 point lead.

Coming into the forth quarter, the Omaha Beef's own Clinton Childs hustled down the field in less than a minute to score another quick six-pack as he pushed passed the worn down LaCrosse defensive line to bring the score 51-34.  Chace Long again tiptoed the ball between the uprights to add yet another point to the board and make it 52-34 in Omaha's favor.

Chace Long used his finesse and fancy footwork to put the leather balloon between the long, outstretched fingers of the goalpost from 22 yards out to cap an extra 3 points and bring the score to 55-34 and give the Beef a 21 point lead with 7:18 left in the game.

With less than: 44 seconds left in the game, Beef's Tyrone Tyler decided to push passed the tattered LaCrosse defensive players and score again to make it 61-34 Beef's favor.

Chace Long couldn't resist one last visit the uprights after his teammate scored and brought the final score to 64-34 sending the LaCrosse Night Train back down the tracks Wisconsin.




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