Capitols feel 'homered' after loss

06/11/02 Kearney Cyberhub
KEARNEY — The Lincoln Capitols wasted no time in playing the whine card following a 44-41 loss to the Tri-City Diesel on Saturday night.

The Diesel took a one-point lead with 25 seconds remaining in the game when 325-pound offensive lineman Brett Wetton scooped up a fumble at the 1-yard line and fell into the end zone.

Tri-City converted a 2-point conversion moments later, then escaped with the win when Lincoln kicker Chase Long missed a short field goal attempt in the game's final seconds.

"I'm still trying to figure out how you advance a fumble for a touchdown," Lincoln coach Jose Jefferson told the Lincoln Journal Star.

"It's a game we shouldn't have lost. Everybody in the league thinks we should've lost it, so I guess they got their wish. We just have to regroup. They have to come to Lincoln, and hopefully we'll be able to advance a fumble to win."

I'm making a wild prediction that the Capitols will be able to advance an offensive fumble if one happens to bounce their way. The refs may even allow Lincoln to utilize a forward pass or pitch play if they so desire.

That's because all those things — from Pop Warner to the Pros —fall under the rules of football.

Perhaps Jefferson should ponder how his Capitols surrendered two touchdowns in the game's final three minutes, instead of the basic rules of the game.

The two teams meet again in the final week of the regular season. That should be enough time for Jefferson to warn his players that when they see a ball bouncing on the carpet, they might want to pick it up and run.


Sneak Attack

While the Diesel (5-6) and Capitols (7-4) were busy fighting for control of the Pacific North division over the weekend, the Sioux City Bandits snuck through the back door.

In fact, the Bandits kicked the door down.

Sioux City (7-3) plastered La Crosse 60-16 on Saturday and secured a half-game lead over Lincoln in the race for the division crown.

The Bandits piled up 312 yards of total offense in the rout, 140 of which came on the ground.

Meanwhile, the hapless Night Train fell to 1-9 on the season and are probably wondering how, and why, they got into this.

"We needed something like this," Bandits coach Carl Reinhardt told the Sioux City Journal. "I give (La Crosse) credit for trying to run the ball, but as far as a caliber team, Sioux Falls is the higher team.

"What we wanted to do in this game was take what we did in practice and take it to the field. There were a lot of good, positive things that came from this game."

Yeah, like the division lead with three weeks remaining in the season.

The Diesel will visit the Bandits in two weeks with hopes of generating some "good and positive" things of its own.

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