Riders star QB has broken bone in foot

06/23/02, Bismarck Tribune

For Danny Ragsdale, there was never a more opportune time for a bye week.

The star quarterback for the Bismarck Roughriders broke a bone in his foot during the fourth quarter against Billings Friday.

But that may not be the full extent of the injury.

"There's a broken bone in there, but we're more worried about ligament damage," Ragsdale said. "I'm just glad we have a bye week now. It couldn't have come at a better time."

Ragsdale said he'll have an MRI done on the ankle today to see if there's damage to ligaments in the ankle.

"We're not worried about the broken bone as much as we are about the ligaments," Ragsdale said. "With the broken bone, I could play on it. It's just a matter of playing through some pain."

Ragsdale said the bye week will help him recover, and things are still up in the air about his status for the July 4 contest against the Casper Cavalry.

"If there was any time to get an injury, it would be now -- but I wish it wouldn't have happened at all," Ragsdale said. "It hurts pretty good down there."

After the game in Casper, Wyo., the Roughriders are off until a July 15 playoff game in Bismarck, so there is some time for Ragsdale to recover.

Ragsdale was taken down from behind by a Billings defender with 12:19 remaining in Bismarck's 48-20 victory over the Outlaws. The quarterback completed the pass to running back Quentin Cradle, but was hurt trying to escape the tackle.

"Someone got me low and I tried to get away or just get my foot out of there," Ragsdale said. "My whole body went one way, my foot stayed on the turf, and then there was this loud pop. I knew right away something was wrong."

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