Bayou Bucks News Archives

Bucks winning the close games
06/11/02 Houma Courier

Bucks looking to slay Knights in rematch
06/08/02 Houma Courier

Bucks hit stride against FireDogs
06/03/02 Houma Courier

Bucks don’t let Dogs out, end skid
05/02/02 Houma Courier

Bucks want no more drama from Dogs
06/01/02 Houma Courier

Bayou Bucks organizing bus trip for game in Biloxi Saturday
05/30/02 Houma Courier

Bayou Bucks fall to Rangers, 50-43
05/26/02 Houma Courier

Bucks hope to keep good times rolling
05/25/02 Houma Courier

Bayou Bucks coach sees good, bad things in 61-31 loss to Energy
05/20/02 Houma Courier

NIFL likely done with punishments for now
05/18/02 Houma Courier

Problem with game film holding up NIFL’s investigation of Saturday night fight
05/17/02 Houma Courier

Bayou Bucks apologize, suspend two players
05/16/02 Houma Courier

More stories arise from Bucks game Saturday
05/15/02 Houma Courier

Wild fight brings Bucks-Energy game to an end with 27 seconds left in third quarter
05/12/02 Houma Courier

Bucks set to deal with Energy crisis tonight
05/11/02 Houma Courier

Bucks adding players, wins to equation
05/07/02 Houma Courier

Fired-up Bucks shut down Mississippi
05/06/02 Houma Courier

Phillips getting tired of same story
04/29/02 Houma Courier

Bayou Bucks fall victim to Shark Attack
04/28/02 Houma Courier

Bucks will try to slow Sharks’ fast rise to top
04/27/02 Houma Courier

New faces mesh with old ones to produce Bayou Bucks first win of season
04/22/02 Houma Courier

Fourth time’s the charm: Bucks snap three-game skid with franchise’s first victory
04/21/02 Houma Courier

Bucks add new faces during off week
04/13/02 Houma Courier

Rangers reach limit Buck hunting
04/06/02 Houma Courier

According to Terrebonne Parish judge, Bucks’ Heard can play Friday
04/04/02 Houma Courier

Bayou Bucks fight adversity as next game nears
04/04/02 Houma Courier

Houma native Schexnayder showing he can run with Bucks
04/04/02 Houma Courier

Bucks’ Heard may take NIFL to court
04/03/02 Houma Courier

Bucks’ Tyler likely out for season
04/02/02 Houma Courier

Bayou Bucks fall to Oklahoma Crude, 31-29
03/31/02 Houma Courier

NIFL: Bayou Bucks looking to rebound
03/30/02 Houma Courier

Firedogs not doing Bucks any favors
03/26/02 Houma Courier

Houma puts on historic performance despite loss
03/25/02 Houma Courier

Injuries limit Bayou Bucks
03/25/02 Houma Courier

NIFL: Knights come back, slay Bayou Bucks
03/24/02 Houma Today

Bayou Bucks open their inaugural season tonight
03/23/02 Houma Today

Bayou Bucks trim roster to 30
03/15/02 Houma Today

Barker dealerships get on board with Bayou Bucks
03/08/02 Houma Today

Barker automotive family acquired naming rights to Bayou Bucks football field
03/03/02 Bayou Bucks Press Release

Bayou Bucks trimming down roster, gearing up for season
02/28/02 Houma Today

Bayou Bucks hand quarterbacking duties to Tyler
02/08/02 Houma Today

Bayou Bucks name head coach
01/24/02 Houma Today

NIFL’s Bayou Bucks close to naming head coach, offensive coordinator
01/17/02 Houma Today more

Bayou Bucks indoor football team kicks off its first season in March
12/20/01 The Courier Houma Today  more

NIFL welcomes Bayou Bucks to league
12/20/01 NIFL Press Release more