Diesel News Archives

Diesel's Hatcher making the most of opportunity
06/22/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Capitols feel 'homered' after loss
06/11/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel upsets Caps
06/10/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel still tough at home
06/08/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Adams State back finds spot with Diesel
06/07/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Caps to visit Dome
06/04/02 Diesel Press Release

Bailey shows confidence in Diesel
05/30/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Owner says "Diesel will last"
05/28/02 Diesel Press Release

Picking one off
05/26/02 Kearney Cyber Hub

Diesel nip Sioux Falls by TD
05/24/02 Diesel Press Release

Diesel return home looking for win
05/24/02 Kearney Cyber Hub

Diesel host Storm, ticket specials available
05/23/02 Diesel Press Release

Diesel suffers 62-13 loss to Rapid City
05/20/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel seeking revenge at Rapid City
05/18/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel edge Beef by a TD
05/10/02 Diesel Press Release

Battered Diesel look for healing win over Beef
05/10/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Beef pack punch for Friday game
05/08/02 Diesel Press Release

Red Dogs escape with 2 point victory
05/06/02 Diesel Press Release

Sioux City holds off Diesel, 51-48
04/29/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Bandits Squeeze Past Diesel by a Field Goal
04/29/02 Diesel Press Release

Thomas turning small stature into big advantage
04/28/02 Kearnet Cyberhub

Storm turns to healthy wide outs to beat Diesel
04/22/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Storm out duel Diesel 48-34
04/22/02 Diesel Press Release

Skeen: Storm could serve as springboard
04/20/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel takes on the leaders
04/19/02 Diesel Press Release

Diesel hold on for win in Casper
04/16/02 Diesel Press Release

Diesel hoping to pass road test
04/13/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Falling short
04/08/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Billings ride 1st quarter edge to win
03/30/02 Diesel Press Release

Coleman, former UNK great, sign with Diesel
04/01/02 Diesel Press Release

Watts leads Beef to win over Diesel
03/30/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel sign former Loper QB
03/29/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel, Beef kick off in-state rivalry
03/20/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Oklahoma team gets rude greeting to indoor game
03/26/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Laker-girls live
03/26/02 Diesel Press Release advertisement with picture

Diesel takes on Omaha
03/26/02 Diesel Press Release

Diesel derails Night Train 49-18
03/18/02 Diesel Press Release

Tri-City Diesel to face unfamiliar foe
03/16/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel's Thomas steps from field to coaching box
03/16/02 Kearney Cyberhub

First look
03/16/02 Enid News and Eagle

Fresno All-American boosts Diesel hopes
03/16/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Moore wants more for Diesel
03/15/02 Kearney Cyberhub

Diesel quarterback position remains unsettled
03/15/02 Kearney Cyberhub