Night Train News Archives

Night Train fall short
06/16/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train needs to shift to damage control gear
06/15/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train player faces assault charge
06/14/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train can't hold back Bandits
06/09/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train re-sign coach, release three players
06/08/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train going without a kicker to Lincoln
05/31/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train fall at the doorstep
05/26/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train fun target for rubberneckers
05/21/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Columnist hopes he doesn't see sequel of NIFL brawl
05/16/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Cavalry catches up to Night Train
05/11/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Brown: Night Train's second win won't come easy
05/10/02 LaCrosse Journal

Fans have reason to cheer Night Train
05/06/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train impressed with Shields
05/06/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Doby Howard's Fan Club: Night Train running back's mother is his biggest and most active fan
04/27/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Beef ground Night Train
04/14/02 la Crosse Tribune

Night Train needs to pick up speed
04/13/02 La Crosse Tribune

Night Train falls prey to Bandits
04/08/02 La Crosse Tribune

Night Train to test QB shuffle
04/06/02 La Crosse Tribune

Night Train look for a Vogt of confidence
04/05/02 La Crosse Tribune

Night Train doesn't have time for excuses
04/01/02 La Crosse Tribune

Capitol loss for Night Train in home opener
03/30/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Slow start, but Train still on track
03/30/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Griffin still a field enforcer after changing priorities
03/29/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train's success hinges on Ross' notes
03/29/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train QB Vogt will get second chance
03/26/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train hope to get back on track
03/19/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train fall in opener
 03/17/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train set to kick off inaugural season
03/16/02 La Crosse Tribune

Night Train bitten by indoor injury bug
03/15/02 La Crosse Tribune

Nothing surprises Train Train QB Vogt
03/14/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Seven 'Rats make first Night Train cut
03/11/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train cut expected starting quarterback Foggie
01/31/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train preparation shifts into hurry-up mode
03/09/02 La Crosse Tribune

Night Train get on right track with win over Cavalry
05/05/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train majority owner: 'Changes had to be made'
05/02/02  LaCrosse Tribune

Brown hopes intensity, leadership will lead to La Crosse victories
05/02/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Schimon thrown off Night Train
05/01/02 LaCrosse Tribune

It's no secret, the Train's first trip has been bumpy
05/01/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Even indoors, weather can play a factor
04/29/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Schimon: Night Train's QB controversy is solved

Night Train's trip out West ruined by Outlaws
04/28/02 LaCrosse Tribune

Night Train still will hold tryout today
03/03/02 La Crosse Tribune

Night Train's future in good hands with Foggie
01/31/02 LaCrosse Tribune