Anticipation, it's making me wait

03/19/03 Shawn "Buckaroo

Many of you might remember the song from the ketchup commercial.  But right now, I’m not thinking ketchup.  Well maybe a little, you know, with it being lent, I’ve got fried seafood on the brain.  But I digress.  What I’m really anticipating is the beginning of the Bucks 2003 season.

Last week was just a little tease.  You know, pre-season and stuff.  We didn’t even have the chance to see of hear the game, but I was in the NIFL chat room Friday night waiting with a few other die-hard Bucks fans for score updates and any other information we could get.  It was not what I would have like to hear, but hey, it’s why they play the game.

You can tell that things are getting ready to kick off.  The Bucks office has sprung to life.  Things are starting to happen.  And like last season when we only had a few weeks to get the team together, it’s starting to happen fast.  That’s the norm for the NIFL though.  Even the game it self is a fast past, high scoring, keep you on the edge of your seat type of play.  But, unlike last year we have had time to prepare for this season.  You can expect to see a better quality product on the field this year.

The NIFL has gone through some changes itself.  Several teams were lost in the off season, while several new one were added.  In the Atlantic South Division we lost the La Rangers and the Austin Knights.  We now have the Beaumont Drillers, and the Austin Rockers.  Some of the changes were just name changes, others management and still some are actual new teams.  All in all it’ll make the season that much more enjoyable and very unpredictable.  Just adds to the excitement.

On Monday the 17th, we will get another pre-season tease.  Not in the form of a game, but in football talk.  Coach Philips’ radio talk show will kick off at 5 pm at the Ground Pattie on Bayou Gardens Blvd.  Hillary Domangue and Coach Philips will be in da house to talk Bucks football and answer your question.  This will be a staple for Bucks fans throughout the season on Monday night.  I look forward to listening and even participating in a few of these.

The final pre-season tease fans will get will be the Meet and Greet on Wednesday the 19th at 7:30 in the Civic Center.  Practice is planned for that night in Civic center.  The coaches and players will be around after to mingle with the fans, as well as the Bayou Belles and Buckshot.

Then, on the 22nd of March, the day all Bucks faithful have been waiting for, anticipating even.  The season will begin for real.  And we’ll all be ready for it.  The coaches, the players, the management, and the fans will all be ready.  Especially the fans.  Even if they aren’t really ready.  Bring on the Stingrays!!!

Anticipation.  The act of eagerly awaiting something very rewarding and exciting.  You may get a little taste every now and then, but it just makes your mouth water and the wait seem that much longer.  But like ketchup and fried seafood, it is well worth the wait.

Hey Bucks!!!  Do you think if we smack the “bottle” a little we could get the season here a little faster?  I think I’m gonna go get me a shrimp po-boy while I wait.  Lots of ketchup.

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