Reality check

04/09/03 Shawn "Buckaroo

It’s a real eye opener when the ice cold hand of reality reaches out and smacks you square on the face.  Everybody gets one every now and again.  Some are harder than others to cope with, while some can be shrugged off with the least of effort.

The Bucks got their first taste of reality at the hands of the Utah Warriors, or more to the point Danny Ragsdale, assisted by the Utah Warriors.  Now, I’m not taking anything from the Warrior team as a whole, but the game executed against the Bucks on Saturday night was skillfully orchestrated by Danny. 

Up until Saturday Night, the Bucks were perked full of confidence, fans and players alike myself included.  We were 2-0, sitting at #2 on the power poll, while we were struggling on offense the defense was touted as one of the stingiest in the league.  Most of us knew that we could lose this game, but we also knew that it would be a hard fought close game all the way to the end and it was a very real possibility that we could win it.

This was the game the Bucks fans and players hoped for.  Not the one that came to be.  The game that actually happened was nothing like what was expected, unless you were not a Bucks fan.  Actually, the games started just like most Bucks fans had hoped.  By the end of the first quarter, the Bucks had a 1 point lead, Michael Burks was having a great game, and the defense had already had a sack and an interception. 

That was when the bottom fell out, and reality crept in.  Crept?  Heck, reality slammed home with the force of a Bunker buster bomb over Baghdad.  In the second quarter the Bucks offense was rendered ineffective while the Bucks defense was picked apart allowing the Warriors to score 34 points.

The adjustments made at half time were just not enough for the Bucks to overcome the half time lead of 40 to 10.  The Bucks did make some personnel changes and play adjustments that seemed to help, along with the fact that Utah benched Ragsdale for the rest of the night.  The Bucks managed to score 26 points while keeping the warriors to 21 points in the second half.  

This was not exactly how the Bucks would have wanted to start their 4 game road series, but it was bound to happen.  So, does this mean that it’s the end of the season for the Bucks?  NO!.  The Bucks are just going to brush themselves off and get after it again.  This was just a bump in the road. The lessons learned this week will be taken to heart and put to good use for the rest of the games Bucks play. 

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