The oil slick

04/16/03 Brent Lummus

The air is getting thin and the ground is starting to shake. The alarms sound and the spindle top is about to explode. Beaumont area sports fans are in love with their new found sport and is the new talk of the town. Beaumont is coming off a win against Houma this past weekend and is now a roll at 4-0. Along the top of the Atlantic South is neighbor Lake Charles Landsharks, also 4-0. That brings us to this weeks "Battle of the Atlantic South" game. Both teams are looking to stay atop and are stopping at nothing to keep it that way. This game could be the deciding factor on who is going to rule over the Atlantic South.

Last week Beaumont showed that they could stop the run. Will the front line infantry return for this battle or will we see a new mix. With Winbush on the Landsharks lineup, that infantry will need to quick fire and reload and stock tons of ammunition. This will Hopefully put Lake Charles in a passing mode and making them throw a few bombs. In which Beaumont could release their power with our surface to air missiles, also known as the Drillers secondary. But let us not forget that Lake Charles is coming with a military power of their own. So far their defense has rolled through towns and are taking no prisoners.

Ok enough with the military talk. But how else could you describe this game? Two teams like this coming together get very few chances early in the season. So when you get the chance you have to take it, and squeeze it, and throw it around the room. Even though the winner of the game will be alone at the top, there is still that threat of the other team taking over at any given moment. I predict this game will by far be the most crazed one yet. The Drillers got a little taste of what the fans can do during the last game and can only expect better during the Lake Charles game. I deeply feel sorry for anyone who can't make it to a game of this caliber. Not only the emotions on the field but the emotions in the stands. I say this because we predict this game to sell out, Half Driller fans and half Landshark fans. Which put together makes a Highly explosive atmosphere. Beaumont has never seen a game like this will be, But the game has never seen Beaumont!

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