The oil slick

04/23/03 Brent Lummus

Well its another week and a brand new beginning. The Drillers suffered their first lose of the season last week at the hands of IH-10 rival Lake Charles. Seeing familiar faces on the other side of the ball, Lake Charles didn't take Beaumont lightly and dominated the game. This week however the Drillers will try to rebound against Tupelo. This will be the second time these teams will face each other and everyone will probably agree that Tupelo will be ready for this one. The Drillers won against Tupelo 33-10 on the first game of the season.

One thing we can expect to see during this game is a stepped up Tupelo offense. Since the signing of Matt Wyatt, the teams offense has slowly improved every game. But has the Defense? Their Defensive Line has a good pass rush. If the Fire Ants can get in a flush Derrick Taite out. Then maybe they have a shot. But can they keep it up all four quarters? I don't see that happening. Even though the Fire Ants have been getting better and are coming off a bye week, I don't think they can overcome the Drillers. The Drillers are outraged with the lose last weekend and are looking for blood. Taite is out to prove that he is better than the man that showed up at the Lake Charles game, and that is dangerous. Taite passed for almost 200 yards in the first meeting and is looking for that shot again. Along with Taite is receiver Pat Palmer who has a little to prove also. And as we all remember the last game between these two, Taite and Palmer dominated the game. Are we to see a repeat of the two? Shock Davis might have a little to add to the fire. Davis has been on fire the last three games. So now you have another receiver to add to Taites list.

But along comes someone else who didn't break out until the third game. Troy Sumerall will show Tupelo something different this time. Although not much of a running game during the first meeting, Sumerall is on a roll. Will Tupelo's Defense be able to control the running game and the passing game? Now the Drillers Defense on the other hand had a great game during the first meeting. Troy Esprit alone had 10 tackles and 3 interceptions on that night. T.J. Light and Mark Boleware both recorded sacks on the night. Boleware also with 4 tackles for losses. So on paper it looks like Beaumont should pull this off with ease. But lets not get to comfortable here. Fire Ants can bite and sting you at any moment without you ever knowing it. So to this I say, Lets get out the Drills and Pesticide and take care of some ants.

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