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Picture above left by Bib Wieters, an NIFL team webmaster . Picture from the 3/22 Driller, Rockers game

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Players of the week

Week 11

NIFL Weekly
05/17/03 Rocky Larson
Well, here we are. Ten weeks into the NIFL season and most teams are starting to hit their stride. 16 of the 24 teams in the NIFL have a .500 record or better. Every division is up for grabs and no team has cleanly separated themselves from the pack. Hold onto your helmets, football fans, the second half of the season should be a slobber-knocker!

Between the Walls #8
Luckily, one of the biggest disasters of the 2003 NIFL season never happened.  Yes, the Rapid City Red Dogs got paid, and they played on.  Amazingly enough, they went to a strong home (LaCrosse) and put all of the mental strife of no payment and the physical strife of no practice, and they got the big win.  The question has to be asked.  Is that point where the Red Dogs put the inconsistency behind them and now start playing some good football?  You’d have to wonder.  Of course, that’s why they play the games

The Edge
05/15/03 Coach John Bronkhorst
This week’s marquee match-up is in the Atlantic Conference.  It pits the Atlantic East Vs. Atlantic South, the Lexington Horsemen (5-1) travel to Beaumont (5-2) and take on the Drillers.  Both teams come in playing well and on a mission to make the playoffs.  They also come in with a chip on their shoulders seeking respect within their own divisions.  So with that being said, lets get to the breakdown…

The NIFL Computer Generated Power Poll & Strength of Schedule Games through May 11th
how the teams look from inside the computer

Red Dogs look for double against Train
05/15/03 Loyal Dog
The Rapid City Red Dogs went on the road last week at the last minute to face a team that was far more prepared to play than themselves

Derailed again - Red Dogs fetch win at Lacrosse
05/14/03 Jason Christopherson
Their trip to La Crosse reported to be in question due to financial problems, the Rapid City Red Dogs at least made the journey worth their while

The search continues for Evansville
05/14/03 Jeff Gregory
The Evansville BlueCats are still searching.  They are searching for the right combination of players.  They are searching for a full compliment of healthy players.  But most of all, they are searching for a win.

Out of the gate
05/14/03 Don Yeager Jr.
Hello once again loyal readers, and welcome to Out of the Gate, my weekly column devoted to the last remaining undefeated team in the NIFL and current home-field advantage holder (you hear that Lake Charles?  Utah?) for the playoffs, the Ohio Valley Greyhounds!

Beef commit capitol offense
05/14/03 NIFL Fan Article by Andrew Hoyle
All rise; NIFL Court is now in session.  The first case on the docket today is the Lincoln Capitols versus the Omaha Beef.  The Beef are charged with larceny and wrongful appropriation

Week 10

Between the Walls #8
The season’s halfway over!  As usual, everything’s a mess in NIFL Land, with no less than 15 teams within two games of their division’s lead, let alone the wildcards.  How’s that work?  Oh well, there’s still way too much football to be played before anything can be decided.  Let the games begin!

NIFL Weekly
05/08/03 Rocky Larson
Shut out. Blanked. Goose-egged. In a sport where teams can score 17 points by accident and defensive coordinators get paid in cases of Rogaine, the Lincoln Capitols did the near-impossible last week

The Edge
05/08/03 Coach John Bronkhorst
The Edge is breaking down this week’s top game Lake Charles LandSharks (5-1 Overall/4-1 Atlantic South) @ Houma Bayou Bucks (4-3 Overall/3-2 Atlantic South).  This game has so much at stake.  If everything plays out a certain way, you could see 4 teams with a 4-2 division record. 

Warriors silence Rockers
05/08/03 NIFL Fan Article by Philip J. Rogich, Syracuse, UT
The Warriors traveled to Austin, TX to face the Rockers. The game was played at the Expo Center in front of 1400 fans.

Improved BlueCats fall to champs
05/07/03 Jeff Gregory
The BlueCats had a good plan going into Sunday’s game against Ohio Valley.  They planned to get off to a great start by jumping out in front of the Greyhounds and getting a couple of early defensive stops

Roasted! Second half Omaha rally leave Night Train fans stewing
05/07/03 Jason Christopherson
Can we have the “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” theme three weeks in a row in this article? 

Out of the gate
05/07/03 Don Yeager Jr.
Welcome loyal readers to “Out of the Gate,” where the hits just keep on comin’!

Beef cause "Train wreck
05/07/03 NIFL Fan Article by Andrew Hoyle
It was dubbed as the biggest game in LaCrosse's two-year history. With a near capacity crowd at home, and a head coach that had his team and fans believing they could win,

Week 8

The Edge
05/01/03 Coach John Bronkhorst
I won’t beat around the bush here, there are not very many games out there that really stand out to me as must see games.  The game I am choosing this week to break down is an intriguing match up because it’s Pacific Vs Atlantic.  Traditionally, the Pacific has not faired all that well versus the Atlantic in the regular season.

Between the Walls #8
We’re almost halfway done through the NIFL’s regular season?  Hard to believe, isn’t it?  So, where do we stand?

Wyoming beats Dogs, first time in 5 games
04/30/03 Loyal Dog
4-1 all time in NIFL meetings against the Wyoming Cavalry.  2-0 in their house

Beef gunned down by Outlaws, big changes on the way
04/30/03 NIFL Fan Article by Andrew Hoyle
Don't adjust the volume on your computer; that thumping noise you're hearing is my head hitting the desk. Over, and over, and over

Road warriors? 4th quarter rally gives Night Train first road win in history
04/30/03 Jason Christopherson
It seems as though SOMEONE was reading this column last week.

Out of the gate
04/30/03 Don Yeager Jr.
Welcome loyal readers to the sixth installment of “Out of the Gate,” my weekly column devoted to the last remaining undefeated team in the entire NIFL, the Ohio Valley Greyhounds.

Warriors burst the Storm's cloud
04/30/03 NIFL Fan Article by Philip J. Rogich, Syracuse, UT
The Warriors returned home this week to face the Sioux Falls Storm. Coach Leslie stated, "it’s good to be home

Frustrated BlueCats still waiting
04/30/03 Jeff Gregory
The hard luck BlueCats took it on the chin one more time in front of the home crowd Saturday night


Week 7

NIFL Weekly
04/24/03 Rocky Larson
Is it possible to be the best, worst team? Last week I highlighted the 4 undefeated teams in the NIFL. This week, we’ll take a look at the other end of the spectrum

Between the Walls #7
Well, making a statement about a fan helped me last week.  I talked last week about a Lincoln fan complaining about my 0-4 record picking Capitols’ games, and look what happened.  I’m 1-4 in picking Lincoln games, and they even won!  Heck, I went 9-2 last week.  Hooray for me!  Yay!  Now, back to reality.

The Edge
04/23/03 Coach John Bronkhorst
This week I decided to take a step on the wild side, the wild Pacific West that is.  This week Sioux Falls Storm (3-2) travels to the land of the bee and take on the Utah Warriors (4-1) in this very important Pacific West Showdown

Red Dogs on road to Wyoming
04/26/03 Loyal Dog
The Rapid City Red Dogs take to the road  this week in hopes of keeping their 4 game win streak alive against the Wyoming Cavalry

Scene 4, Act 2, Rapid City vs. Wyoming
04/26/03 TB
As both cities go into their fourth year of indoor football there has been one consistency the strong rivalry between the two teams

Red Dogs come from behind to edge Warriors
04/23/03 NIFL Fan Article by Philip J. Rogich, Syracuse, UT
The Warriors traveled to Rapid City last Saturday to face the Red Dogs. This was to be a re-match of a pre-season game which the Warriors won 71-16

The oil slick
04/23/03 Brent Lummus
Well its another week and a brand new beginning. The Drillers suffered their first lose of the season last week at the hands of IH-10 rival Lake Charles

It's not how you start, it's how you finish
04/23/03 Chris Lokken sitting in for Jason Christopherson this week
The La Crosse Night Train did not begin the Reggie Mathis era the way that they and their fans wanted them to do last Friday night in La Crosse.

BlueCats eager to start "new season"
04/23/03 Jeff Gregory
For the first time since the season started the Evansville BlueCats are not coming off last week’s loss to face their next opponent

Out of the gate
04/23/03 Don Yeager Jr
Hello loyal readers and welcome to yet another installment of “Out of the Gate”, my weekly column devoted to the 2002 NIFL Champion Ohio Valley Greyhounds.

Defense, defense, defense
04/23/03 Brandon Sykes
The only thing you can say about Saturday’s game against Fort Wayne is DEFENSE!

Beef win ugly, Childs saves day
04/23/03 NIFL Fan Article by Andrew Hoyle
It almost happened again.  Maybe there’s something in the water at Omaha’s Civic Auditorium this year.  Maybe somebody put a curse on the Slaughterhouse this year.

Respect, what it means to the dogs
04/23/03 TB
Respect is what the Reddogs knew they didn't have from Utah and were determined to get.

Week 6

  • NIFL Weekly
    04/17/02 Rocky Larson
    The magic number is 4. In the National Indoor Football League, only 4 of 24 teams have yet to suffer a defeat.
  • Between the Walls #6
    I’m starting to feel like Chris Berman in some of the stretches he goes through.  He’ll go through a 1-3 week after 1-3 week while predicting NFL games for ESPN’s SportsCenter
  • The Edge
    04/16/03 Coach John Bronkhorst
    This week was not real difficult for me when I was sitting here trying to figure out which game I wanted to breakdown.  After looking at all the games and there are some intriguing match-ups, the one that peaked my interest the most was the, I-10 SHOWDOWN!!!
  • The NIFL Computer Generated Power Poll Games through April 14th
    how the teams look from inside the computer
  • The Unofficial Official NIFL Line
    by a dedicated fan with way too much time of their hands
  • Garrett "Wild Man" White brings his passion to the Warriors
    04/16/03 NIFL Fan Article by Philip J. Rogich, Syracuse, UT
    If you have ever watched Garrett White play, then you would know why I have dubbed him "Wild Man"
  • Red Dogs look towards back to back wins in short week
    04/16/03 Loyal Dog
    Bismarck has the momentum, Rapid City is struggling.  That's all I can remember hearing this past week when the Rapid City Red Dogs went on the road to visit the Bismarck Roughriders
  • The oil slick
    04/16/03 Brent Lummus
    The air is getting thin and the ground is starting to shake. The alarms sound and the spindle top is about to explode
  • Bye week may be cure for BlueCats
    04/16/03 Jeff Gregory
    The Evansville BlueCats were confident going into Saturday night’s game against the Tennessee RiverHawks at Roberts Stadium
  • Out of the gate
    04/16/03 Don Yeager Jr.
    Hello readers and welcome to Out of the Gate, my weekly column devoted to the 2002 National Indoor Football League Champions, the Ohio Valley Greyhounds.
  • Beef blast Caps
    04/16/03 NIFL Fan Article by Andrew Hoyle
    Beef coach Collins Sanders talked extensively in Friday's pre-game radio show about three things his players worked on during practice this week:

Week 5

  • The NIFL Computer Generated Power Poll Games through April 5th
    how the teams look from inside the computer
  • The Edge
    04/08/03 Coach John Bronkhorst
    This is the 1st installment in a weekly breakdown of an NIFL game of my choosing.  I will analyze the game from a coaching perspective.
  • The Unofficial Official NIFL Line
    by a dedicated fan with way too much time of their hands
  • Reality check
    04/09/03 Shawn "Buckaroo
    It’s a real eye opener when the ice cold hand of reality reaches out and smacks you square on the face
  • Out of the gate
    04/09/03 Don Yeager Jr.
    Welcome to the third installment of Out of the Gate, my weekly column devoted to the 2002 NIFL Champions the Ohio Valley Greyhounds
  • Beef beat by 'Riders: Caps up next
    04/09/03 NIFL Fan Article by Andrew Hoyle
    There was a lot of head scratching and disbelief amongst the Omaha Beef faithful at the end of Saturday night's game
  • Warriors "Little Guys" come up big
    04/09/03 NIFL Fan Article by Philip J. Rogich, Syracuse, UT
    Wide receivers Eugene Mirador (5'9") & Mike Montoya (5'8") combine for 193 yards and 4 touchdowns

Week 4

Week 3

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