Out of the gate

06/04/03 Don Yeager Jr.

            Welcome loyal readers to yet another weekly helping of “Out of the Gate.”  The Greyhounds head to Myrtle Beach this week…. and I’m here in the valley.

            This week’s game has got to be considered somewhat of a measuring stick.  Looking at last week’s results, Houma did not look great against Myrtle Beach.  They only won by 6, which really surprised me.  You can look at my article from earlier in the season and know that I was not terribly impressed by the ‘Rays when I saw them the first time.  The team has scored 30 points two games in a row, one in a win versus Austin, and the other in the loss.  The defense may have finally been solidified a bit, but I still don’t think this is a game that the ‘Hounds lose.  The bye week was perfect because we now head into a game focused.  The ‘Hounds were smart enough to head down early to get over the travel and enjoy themselves a bit.  And why not?  They deserve it.  This week will mark the return of Curteese Poole and Chris Schneider.  This ads the old dimensions back into an already great defense.  I admit that the 53 points given up was a bit high for our squad, but by the same token the total yards given up was only 148.  Clemons ran for 168, Shane threw for 168.  Statistically the game was dominated by OV, but the Special teams of Lexington kept them afloat until the end. 

            Eljuandro "MOETOWN" Zieglar (91) and Darrell Lane (54) are the two members of the defense I mentioned the last time we played this team.  I will be watching the stat line to see just what they do against the “Big Uglies” this game.  I have a feeling that this twosome will find a little bit more trouble containing Lloyd “Big Dawg” Clemons than they did with our former back.  The Uglies are healthy, Schneider is back to block and run people over, and Clemons is coming off of two straight Offensive Player of the Week performances.  I will call it now…make it 3 in 4 weeks.  Clemons will run for 185 yards and 4 touchdowns in leading the ‘Hounds to victory.  I am calling it 86-42, just like lasts season when the ‘Hounds went to Winston-Salem.

            I had an e-mail asking me about my picks for this week, so here they are:  I am picking Fort Wayne big over Tennessee to keep their playoff hopes afloat, Tri-City over Lincoln in the tight Pacific Conference, Show-Me over a free-falling Beaumont, Houma by at least 40 over Oklahoma, the Beef big over LaCrosse, Rapid City putting Higgs and his Outlaws in their place, Bismarck over the Cavalry, Lexington by 30 over an improving Evansville, and in my upset specials, I have to take Sioux Falls by 6 over Utah, and Austin to SHOCK Lake Charles by 10.

            That’s it for me this week.  Questions?  Comments?  Picks?  E-mail me @:

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