Out of the gate

07/15/03 Don Yeager Jr.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to yet another edition of “Out of the Gate,” coming to you live from the “White Trash Capitol of the World!”  A special thanks to Dusty for calling the valley that, and Eddie Bynes was happy to help you insert your foot into your mouth.

            I have got to hand it to the local media for picking the insult up, and the front office ran with it.  Nearly 1,000 white trash bags were distributed at the doors Friday night, and they only made a loud crowd even more raucous.  The ‘Boo-Birds” were out in full force and the Horsemen offense struggled to audible all night long.  Hackett made a statement on Lexington’s first pass of the evening, picking it off and returning it for nice yardage.  Eddie only had one sack, but it was huge as he brought Bonner down like a rock.  Honestly, he should have had many more, but he was mugged all night long.  It was great to see “Big” Mike Marshall back in the line-up, and he showed very little, if any rust.  When your QB tries to throw a ball away, it bounces off of a receiver’s foot and into another’s hands for a 21-yard touchdown reception; you know the night is going well.

            So this weekend is the Atlantic Conference title game, and oddly the first meeting between two of the league’s best teams from the past couple of seasons since OV’s 2001 playoff win, which was a 53-9 pasting for those of you who did not know.  The game will bring former Steel Valley Smash QB Jonny Johnston back to the Kennel, and although I am sure he will get a warm reception from the crowd, I am sure that the defense will not be so kind.  Jonny is mobile, but Eddie is going for a record, and “The Truth” will be told this weekend.  Call it “The Battle of the Bulge,” call it “Shriver Bowl,” call it well overdue, call it whatever you will, but the bottom line is simple; It’s going to be a fierce game between two teams that have had a rivalry building up for a couple seasons, and it is going to explode Friday night.  It is no secret that this game is long overdue, and even with Jambo, the Kennel needs to be rockin’!  Bring your noise makers, bring your friends, and for heaven’s sake bring as much confetti as humanly possible, even if you have to fill your “Bonner-fide” White Trash bags.  The OV HomeDome should be at it’s most hostile this weekend for this game.  I saw the points spread…OV by 7.5.  What do I say to that?   Garbage!  I will not be afraid to call it either-Big Mac City baby!  The ‘Hounds will turn the LandSharks into Chum this weekend, devouring their unworthy foes 70-15.  Eddie will break the sack record, Wehrle will be perfect on kicks, and Shane Franzer is going to light up the ‘Sharks D like Kurt Warner before the thumb injury.

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