Out of the gate

07/31/03 Don Yeager Jr.

            Welcome once again loyal readers to yet another edition of “Out of the Gate,” the second to last edition of the season.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerry and the NIFL website for allowing me to write this column this year.  I would also like to thank the Greyhounds for allowing me to tape for them for another season.

            It is somewhat unbelievable to think that the season is over after this weekend.  This game promises to go down in the annals of NIFL history as one of the great games.  Utah is a high-octane offense powered by a great quarterback and some very good receivers.  I checked the numbers on Ragsdale, and I was quite impressed.  One thing that stuck out in my mind was that he passed for 602 yards and a touchdown in college.  Another thing that stuck out in my mind?  The fact that he was sacked 4 times in a game versus the L.A. Avengers in the AFL.  This tells me that Ragsdale is a dangerous quarterback…when armed How his O-Line plays could dictate the tempo of this game.

            The game has the chance to play out like the Super Bowl.  You have a team like Utah that is reminiscent of the Oakland Raiders, and the ‘Hounds have a Buccaneers-like defense.  The only difference?  The Greyhounds offense would put the Bucs to shame.  Utah has 2 major things to worry about.  The first is not how, but how long can their receivers out do the Greyhounds secondary.  The timing based Warriors offense will have some grabs, but much like they did to Lexington, the ‘Hounds D will disrupt it and start making them make mistakes.  Omar Bacon may have to run the ball some, and he surely doesn’t have the “sizzle” to get past the ‘Hounds D.  The second thing is how they are going to stop an offense that has so many faces.  The ‘Hounds will operate out of no fewer than 3 sets during the game knowing Coach Bonar, and there will probably be more.  The ‘Hounds have so many toys to play with that Utah may never know how to adjust.  The special teams play may also come into effect.  The bottom line is that in the open field, Rayshawn Askew is one of the fastest people I have ever seen.  If Utah cannot keep up with him, the ‘Hounds will easily dictate the tempo of the game.  Then again, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  Ha…whoever said that never enjoyed a blowout victory.  This however will not be that.  The game will be fast paced and high scoring.  I believe the ‘Hounds will come out on top though, by a score of 75-62.  After all, how much better could a Big Mac taste than if it were the result of a championship?

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