Cheercoach on Cheerleading, dancing, career and more

Interview 10/01/03

So how did this Texas girl end up in Indiana?
A little over 2 years ago Lisa moved from Houston, Texas to join her future husband, who had relocated 4 years prior to own his own business. So a business opportunity presented Evansville with the coach of the Evansville BlueCat Cheerleaders, which recently was voted as the NIFL's best dance team.
When she's not cheering on the BlueCats football team, Lisa works at the Women's Hospital in Human Resources and moonlights at the Cheer Zone, which her and her husband own together.
So even though Lisa has visited 35 states and about a dozen countries, she calls Evansville home.
(left, Lisa on the hood of her Corvette from the scenic collection Photo by John Scheidel, Miriah Photography. Click on image for larger version)



The Basics
(right, Lisa with with Kaci and Samantha from the Scenic collection. Photo by John Scheidel, Miriah Photography.Click on image for larger version)

Hair: Blonde
gray (they match whatever I am wearing
Weight: working on it
Age: no age, just youthful
Birthday: July 22
Favorite drinks: wine, beer, & liquor - likes it all
Marital status: Married
Favorite NFL team: Houston Texans
Favorite NBA team: Houston Rockets

You we're a member of the BlueCat Cheerleaders for 2003, how would you describe that experience?
It was a wonderful and new experience.  I was getting to dance again and I was getting the opportunity to coach a professional cheerleading team.  I really enjoyed working with all the ladies on the team; we had such a great chemistry together.  It was a fun learning experience in working the coaching side of it and learning about some of the business aspects of the team.

As the leader, what were your responsibilities?
I choreograph the 30-minute pre-game performance, timeout routines, dance and cheer sidelines, hold practice, keep up with 30 women, I also direct the other teams we have if we are all together. Our cheer director and I work closely together (we actually work in the same building), so I will help her out some of the decision-making for the teams and in return, she helped me out with some of the choreography.

What was the best thing about being a cheerleader?
The fans were awesome, some of sponsors were really awesome, and of course, the thrill of performing for a crowd.
(left Lisa with the Houston Rockets. click on image for larger version)

If you could put together a squad for a team and do it your way. What would you do to make it more successful?
I like having the whole package. This is hard to find. Personality is a big plus, because it’s more than communicating with me and team mates it's the public too. But I sure do love a great dancer. It makes practice a little easier and they more truly represent and express the dances that I teach them.

OK fine, you have all that put together, what would you do to make the squad say more successful than the 03 BC group. What would you change or improve on
We could improve on our dance skills. Right now it is pretty basic. I would like to be able to add more technique to the team. I think really that would be the main thing.  Our game format, I like and I do not want to change. The director and I come from the big professional teams and we know what works and what don’t.   We know what is crowd pleasing and we understand the type of crowd we have.

Cheerleading, with practices and all is a very demanding and time consuming thing. What could management do to make it easier on the girls?
We would be a lot more successful if they girls got paid!!!!!! You get better athletes the more money you throw at them.  It’s easier to recruit if you have something to offer and money is a great incentive.  They deserve to get paid; they work hard and put in a lot of their time.
(right, Lisa .Click on image for larger version)

Recently your group was named the NIFL's best cheerleaders. What does that mean to you?
Personally to me, it means a great deal and tells me that I am doing something right. In general, I believe it gave the girls a big boost. I think if was more of a realization of what we are capable of and we gain a little respect.
As for the community, I think it gives them a reason to support the BlueCats even more. Knowing there is some good to having this team here because there are parts of this organization that does work.

The BlueCat ladies have gone the extra mile in promoting themselves league wise. Do you see this as a good thing?
Of course it is.  I encourage it.  When you develop a great relationship with your fans and community, they are more apt to do things for you and support your needs. Besides if you have a good and fun personality, it is fun to promote and is easy.

The ladies have participated in some photo shoots, which are beyond what fans are normally used to seeing from NIFL cheerleaders. What are your thoughts on that and what was the motivation behind it all?
I see it as the norm in professional cheerleading, in regards to calendars that are out and other photo opps for sponsors.  Again, since the director and I come from pro teams, it was a given to do something like this. We also had a lot of beautiful girls on the team, so they needed to photograph and shown to everyone. Just another way to promote ourselves and get a bigger fan base.  It's fun to do stuff like that, the girls feel kind of glamorous being a model for a few hours.  Next year we will do again and hopefully turn them into calendars, trading cards, or something.

Some of the girls, including you, have participated on the leagues Fan Forum. What have been your experiences there?
It was a lot of fun.  Really, it was the first time for me to join a chat room.  We all did it at first to have our name out there and to have people talk about us, and then we just enjoyed it and kept it up and still do to this day.   A little slow nowadays, but we are still there.

You have mentioned that you and the director come from pro teams, which ones?
The director came from your favorite, the Rams. But she was there when it was the Cardinals. They however had to cheer for football, baseball, and hockey.  One team for all that!
I, on the other hand, danced for the NBA Houston Rockets and the WNBA Houston Comets.
(right, Lisa with the Houston Rockets. click on image for larger version)

What kind of experience was that?
It was a love-hate relationship.  I loved the prestige you have of being a dancer for the team, court side seats at the games, in which I am big sports fan, so that was right up my alley.  We also got paid pretty well, one of the best in the leagues.  We were paid hourly for all of time in practice and games, and promotions were at least $50 per hour, unless it was for charity, then we were paid hourly.  The hate part was is was extremely time consuming because games were twice a week and sometimes three.  So we would practice everyday, except for Sundays, starting at 6p and ending whenever we were finished, which was rarely 9:30p, but usually 10:30p or 11:30p.  Since Houston is so big, it would take me about 30 or 45 minutes (depending where it was held) to get to and from practice.  On top of all that I worked full time, which was 30 minutes from home.  I ended up putting 29,000 miles on my car during the season, and needless to say, I was tired a lot.

Back to the BlueCat girls so called self-promotion. Do you think all of this has raised the bar for NIFL cheerleaders?
I think so.  Crazy thing is, this was just our first year, and so we have only scratched the surface of what we are capable of.  We intend to raise the bar each year we are here.  This first year was a learning process for us; we will be back better than ever.

What changes for the squad would you like to see for the 2004 season?
New uniforms, more paid promotions, and of course for the ladies to get paid something.  Another thing I would like is to have the visiting team’s cheerleaders come in and perform.

What do you do to relax, that is just for you?
I lay on my couch, cuddle with my dogs, and watch TV.  Sometimes I will end up taking a nap.  I love to sleep, that’s why I keep my self busy, so I don’t sleep my life away.

I understand you have traveled extensively, to where?
Around 35 different states, Mexico, Bahamas, England, Wales, and Japan.
(left, Lisa in Japan. Click on image for larger version)

Have a favorite and why?
I always love Mexico because I love the sun and the food, but Japan was an awesome experience.  It was a completely different culture with different traditions and morals.  I love culture, so the more culture shock the better.  I would go back in a heartbeat.

Off the subject, but do you like Country music?
I love George Straight, Brooks and Dunn, and Garth Brooks. I only listen to it though when we drive to Texas and we are flipping channels. I try to find the ones that I can sing to. And no I can't sing, just like to.

But you can dance, right?
I can shake it well.

Tell us something about your career.
Currently, I work as the Human Resources Specialist for The Women’s Hospital.  My boss and I look over about 400 employees in regards to orientation, benefits, recruitment, employee relations, programs that we run, leaves of absences, payroll, worker’s comp, and the newsletter.  Pretty much all facets of HR.

What are your career goals?
I would like to grown into leadership roles and continue to move up the ladder as far as I can go.  I would also like to go back to school to get my masters to help me excel to where I want to be.

With your husband, you own The Cheer Zone. What is The Cheer Zone?
(right, Lisa with husband Roland, wedding day. Click on image for larger version)
The Cheer Zone is a cheer, dance, tumble, trampoline, and personal fitness gym.  We have competitive and non-competitive teams for cheer and dance.  We also have a tumble bus that will go to different businesses, like daycares, and allow the children to learn basic tumbling skills.  We are a family oriented business, so we try to include everyone in the classes we offer.

What role do you play in the Cheer Zone thing?
Mainly, my two dance teams practice there, UE and Bluecats.  I help the all-star teams with choreographing dances and I help out while we are at competitions, making sure girls are were they need to be and giving them that extra support on the practice mats before they compete.

You have a full time day job, so helping out at the family business, is that more for fun and maybe an escape from the day job?
On the business side my husband takes care of everything.  I go up there for my teams and sometimes to workout in our fitness area.  If I go up there for any other reason, it’s just to see Roland because we really don’t get to see each all that much during the week and some weekends.

Although married, there is romance in your life, correct?
We really don’t do many romantic gestures for each other, of course we both appreciate it when it is done.  But we are more affectionate and intimate with each other.  We give tons of hugs, kisses, and words of love everyday.

Describe the perfect romantic evening?
A romantic evening would having a sunset dinner on some beach with a bottle of wine, then do the ‘beach thing’ you know, and then to carry on to a place where we could dance.  Not a loud, crowed club, but somewhere, where they have a dark little corner for to sit and talk and a place where we could just stand up and dance with each other.

If you we're going to dress to seduce your husband, what would you wear?
My husband likes it when I wear my cheerleading uniform with nothing underneath.  However, our BlueCats uniforms had the bloomers (not sure what you call them up here) sewn into the uniform, so he was kind of bummed out about that one.

If that didn't work, what would you try next?
Since that didn’t work, I just took off all my clothes and that worked.

Speaking of seducing your husband, what are your measurements?
Need tape for that.

You have 2 very special best friends. Who are they?
(right, Nina and Taz. Click on image for larger version)
Nina is our Weimaraner, and Taz is our Boxer.   I bought Nina for Roland soon after we started dating because one of his dogs passes away and my landlord at the time was selling them, so I thought that would be nice gesture to him.  Roland bought Taz for me one Thanksgiving weekend when we were leaving Corpus Christi.  They both are the best dogs in the world.  They are so loving and sweet.

What kind of movies do you like?
Action, comedy, scary, thriller, and drama.

Are you a morning person?
No, I hate the mornings.  I wish I didn’t have to go into work until 11a or 12p.

Did you ever get that tape for those measurements?
Nope, not yet.

OK, getting nowhere there, what do think of thong underwear?
Thong, can't stand panty lines, it's a pet peeve

Last question, any tattoos?
Just 2
(tattoos right. Click on image for larger version)

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