Respect, what it means to the dogs

04/23/03 TB

Respect is what the Red Dogs knew they didn't have from Utah and were determined to get.

The two guys that were going to decide the winner were Terrance Bryant from the Red Dogs and Danny Ragsdale of Utah or was it???. Utah showed no mercy for RC in the first half as they passed the ball all over the Red Dog defense. Rapid was also pass happy but not able to score the TD's to match Rags at halftime.  The score was 34-24 Utah. But with Rapid getting the ball back to start the second half there was a change in teams. Now the Red Dogs were putting up TD after TD while the Warriors gang was finding themselves with many 4th down attempts. After the dogs went up 11 the warriors came back to form on a quick strike through the air. Cutting the lead to three and with only a few minutes left, Utah goes for the onside kick but it was a bad one kicked hard but right at a Red Dog. The Utah Defense then answered the call and forced a tough 4th down decision by Magic. The field goal only put RC up by six but that proved to be enough as the dogs D chose to play prevent and allowed the Warriors to march down the field. Then all of a sudden when Utah was at the door and had one foot in the dogs' D made a play jarring the ball loose allowing Rickie Davis to pick the ball off and seal the game. Great game for both teams but the preseason whopping was incentive for the dogs too win.

play/stand/series of the game: Play is the pick by Davis; the stand was the dogs D giving Utah the goal line stand; series the Red Dog TD to give them there first lead of the game and they never looked back

Deciding factor was the Utah kicking game missing extra points, and two kickoffs out of bounds

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