Red Dogs look for double against Train

05/15/03 Loyal Dog

The Rapid City Red Dogs went on the road last week at the last minute to face a team that was far more prepared to play than themselves.  The Red Dogs had not practiced in two weeks as a team, and it was only at the very last minute that the team was financially able to travel to Wisconsin.  With so many problems facing the Red Dogs not many fans around the NIFL thought that they would be able to pull out a win.  After the first two quarters were in the books, many had wrote them off.  Oh, ye of little faith.

Perhaps many wrote them off due to the fact that while listening to that first half the other team controlled the ball, ran the clock, and played good defense.  But those same fans also forgot who the Red Dogs were playing.  La Crosse, Wisconsin is the home of none other than the La Crosse Night Train, a first half only kind of team.  After being outscored 21-12 in the first half the Red Dogs new some changes were in order.  They went into the locker room and made those changes in 20 minutes, and afterwards came back to outscore the Night Train 21-8 in the second half.  

Yes the Red Dogs faced some real hardships all last week.  But amid all the controversy the Red Dogs found a win in their back pockets and cashed it in.  Now that things are starting to look up, one can only expect that the players will now be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand.  That task is simply this:  Winning the NIFL Championship Game.  To do this, the Red Dogs need to enter the playoffs and win the Pacific Conference Title.  But to even get there they must win as many games as possible out of their last six.  Which brings us to this week, and another game versus the La Crosse Night Train. Unlike last time though , this game is in Rapid City

The Dogs will be happy to be back in the Doghouse, a.k.a. the Rapid City Civic Center.  All the fans will be barking from the first kickoff till the last snap, and focusing all their energy into helping the Dogs win.  The Doghouse can be very loud at times, even at only half capacity.  Fans  who have visited say that it is louder with 4,900 fans than in their own arenas at 10,000 strong.  That means we are doing our jobs, and doing them well.  I look forward to congratulating my team after the game, win or lose.  I always do.

Rapid City comes into this game at 5-3, still chasing the Utah Warriors at 5-1.  La Crosse is at 3-5, tied for fourth in their division.  Rapid City did not have a passing touchdown last week, but scored four on the ground as they rallied to win.  La Crosse also scored four td’s, but it was the kicking of Aaron Turner for Rapid City in the first half that made the difference.  Turner scored two field goals, a 33 yarder and the second from 20 yards away.  Turner missed his first extra point and Sean Hoolihan of La Crosse scored a two point conversion on a quarterback run to help make the win only 4 points for the Red Dogs.  But as the saying goes, a win is a win.

This Saturday night will be the first home game for the Red Dogs since April 19th.  They beat the Utah Warriors in their last home appearance, followed by a loss to Casper, a bye week, and a win in La Crosse.  All Red Dogs fans have the confidence that our team will prevail, and stronger than last weekend.  This time, they are in our house.  We look forward to welcoming our team home, and i know they look forward to wining just for us.

A final thought:  thank you to all who have supported the Red Dogs through our strife, and the main core of those faithful NIFL followers that stands out above all others would be those of the Warrior Nation.  So to those fans i say “GO WARRIORS”, at least for this week.  We have you next, after all.

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