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06/20/03 Rocky Larson

Trust me, nobody in the National Indoor Football League wants to travel during the playoffs. Last week, home-field yielded 8 wins out of 11 games played. The week before, the record was 7 out of 11 for the home teams.

My predictions were off last week, netting me 6 correct projections out of 11 tries. This brings my yearly total to 97-42 for an accuracy percentage of 69.8%.

Friday, June 20th

Omaha Beef (9-3) @ Wyoming Cavalry (4-8)

This game could get out of hand early. The Cavalry have had an exodus of sorts when it comes to players. It has gotten so bad that their coaching staff is planning on suiting up for this game. It’s a sad state of affairs in Casper. The Beef not only win, but they double up the score on the horseless Cavalry.

Sioux City Bandits (6-6) @ Lincoln Capitols (7-5)

Call me thick-headed, but I’m not of the opinion that Lincoln is a team that is talented enough to have a winning record. On the other hand, the Bandits probably are better than their 6-6 record. But on the other hand, if I had 3 hands, Sioux City loses when they play Lincoln. Will they break this streak of bad luck? I think so. Sioux City sneaks out a close win.

Lake Charles Land Sharks (10-2) @ Tupelo Fireants (1-10)

Sharks win.

Show Me Believers (4-8) @ Tennessee Riverhawks (5-6)

This game should be a good one. Both teams have the ability to play solid football, but both teams lack the consistency to play well for 4 straight quarters. If you show up a quarter late, chances are you won’t miss much. I like the Hawks at home.

Saturday, June 21st

Austin Rockers (6-6) @ Utah Warriors (8-3)

After a 2-game slide that have put a hurt on Utah’s home-field playoff expectations, the Warriors are more than happy to see the 6-6 Rockers roll into town. Utah might be in a funk, but they’re clearly the better team in this match up. In a high-scoring game, the Warriors pull away and win by 17.

La Crosse Night Train (4-9) @ Bismarck Roughriders (8-4)

Bismarck is the hottest team in the Pacific Conference. La Crosse, especially on the road, is one of the coldest. ‘Nuff said. Bismarck wins big.

Fort Wayne Freedom (7-4) @ Myrtle Beach Stingrays (4-7)

After their trip to Sioux Falls, SD, are the Freedom a bit road weary? Perhaps. After winning at home last week, are the Stingrays expecting a repeat performance? Maybe. But Fort Wayne lost to the strong Sioux Falls Storm last week, and Myrtle Beach beat the hapless Evansville Bluecats. Oh what a difference a week makes. Take the Freedom.

Lexington Horsemen (8-3) @ Ohio Valley Greyhounds (11-0)

Without a doubt, this is the NIFL game of the week. In what could be a first round playoff preview, two of the hottest teams in the Atlantic Conference square off. Lexington has the ability to move the ball against lesser opponents, but this week they are up against one of the stingiest defenses in the league. Defense will decide the outcome in this game. That, and the notion that the Greyhounds never, ever lose at home. That’s good enough for me. Take the Greyhounds.

Oklahoma Crude (2-10) @ Evansville Bluecats (0-12)

If there ever was a game that the Bluecats should win, this would be the one. In a game that only had pride on the line, I’m going to go with Evansville as they finally break out of their 12-game slump. Bluecats win!

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