Warriors' Water-girl, Krista's all that and more!

09/02/03 NIFL Fan Article by Philip J. Rogich, Syracuse, UT

Recently the NIFL website did a fan poll on the leagues best (favorite) water boy / girl. The hands down winner was Krista of the Utah Warriors. She is fast becoming one of the most talked about ladies in the NIFL. Last week I had a chance to sit down with her and find out what makes her tick.
(picture left. Krista at a recent Warriors game with Captain of the Axe Click on picture for larger version)

The early years:

Krista was born In Wisconsin, the Harley-Davidson and cheese state.  She moved to Utah with her family when she was very young.. She attended Bountiful High School where she was involved in Drama, Choir and Boys.  Her favorite past time was kissing and watching her boyfriend play quarterback for the football team. After high school, she attended the University of Utah. She received a degree in Psychology with a minor in criminology and theater. She also received a degree in life because she traveled Europe, Egypt and Israel to experience the different cultures around the world.  She enjoyed watching the Ute football games because her sister was a cheerleader and her boyfriend was her sister’s cheer partner. (Krista still has season tickets to U of U football.) After many fun and crazy jobs like running a plastic surgery website, being lead singer in an 80’s cover band and doing a late night radio show she decided to get married.  In 2001 she tied the knot and moved to San Diego so her husband could attend law school, but alas the union only lasted 10 months.  (I’m sure most NIFL fans will agree in was his loss and our gain).

  She decided to move back to Utah to be near her family and friends and rebuild her life. That is where the Utah Warriors and NIFL come into the picture.

Modeling career:

Krista got involved in modeling about a year ago quite by accident. She entered a Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest on a dare and won. At the contest the founder of the Utah A - list bikini team invited Krista to join and be in their calendar. Since then she has done photo shoots, won other bikini contests, done promotional events and infomercials. For awhile she was the WB’s weekend weather girl and currently still does remotes for them. Krista is also a 1280 AM sport zone girl and does the weather on a local internet news show.
(Click on picture for a larger version)

Enter the Warriors:

Krista first learned of the Warriors when they sponsored her WB weather show. Since she loved football she started coming to the games as a member of the media. When the Warriors saw her love for the game, she was asked if she wanted to be more involved in things. She started out by helping with tickets sales in the office.  This led to the Refs on the field asking her is she wanted to “work the chains”.  Of course the answer was yes. When game time arrived she went into the Refs room and they decided that she should try “running the ball”. Well, it is all history after that. The Warrior’s ballgirl was born!  At the Championship game this year in Wheeling W.V. Coach Leslie asked her to carry out the water to the team during a time out. The fans went crazy every time she walked out onto the field.. Later in the game one of the players tried to take the water out and got booed. That’s how she became the water girl. She has since become the director of public relations for the Warriors. She hopes to get a national sponsor, so she can attend all away games.

Krista's Favorites

  • Color: White
  • Food - Bread, Potatoes, & Tuna
  • Sport to watch: football (wished she could have played)
  • Sport to Play: Tennis
  • NFL teams: Raiders & Packers
  • Actresses: Marilyn Monroe & Angelina Jolie

Krista Likes

  • Dating older men
  • Working-out about six days a week
  • Motorcycles (Harley-Davidson’s)
  • Shopping
  • Dressing up
  • Cuddling
  • Music

Krista Dislikes

  • Liars and fake people
  • Dating football players
  • Blind dates & being set up
  • Being hit on
  • Vegetables

Krista loves working with the Warriors. "Working for them is like being part of a family." She also loves the fans and how they’ve taken her in. She plans on being apart of the Warriors for a long time to come.

And now, the more

by Krista and Jerry

Krista said she had so much fun doing the interview with Phil that she was sorry there wasn't more, so taking the hint, I asked her if she wanted to do a little question and answer thing for her fans. We both enjoyed it and hope all who read it do also.

In the time spent putting this all together with Krista, I found there is much more to her than meets the eye, although what meets the eye works pretty good too.
(Click on picture for a larger version)


40 questions for the ballgirl

1. Do you like to cook?
I absolutely do not like to cook.. I don't really understand cooking.. you go to all this trouble to do something really nice and everyone eats it in like 20 seconds and doesn't say thank you or even cares.. so no cooking for me.. well, I make darn good oatmeal though.

2. No cook, OK, how about favorite meal then?
favorite meal.. you will find with me it is hard to have favorites in some areas.. I love a good pepperoni pizza, a fabulous spaghetti with tons of parmesan and just a good piece of homemade toast at midnight (with butter cinnamon and sugar)

3. Would you consider yourself a romantic?
I am definitely a romantic.. I write sappy poetry and I believe in soul mates and true love..

4. Favorite type of music?
I can never have a favorite musician.. music means everything to me.. I live my life by it.. I seriously see myself as a Ally McBeal with theme songs and everything that go through my head as I live out my day... I love good lyricists like Stevie Nicks and anyone else who can actually write and sing music!

5. You mentioned liking older men in the interview with Phil, why?
I love older men because they are (usually) stable in themselves.. they are handsome, rugged and been around the block enough to appreciate a real woman..

6. Are you more of a cat or dog person?
cat person..

7. We all know you're a busy woman, but you have to slow down sometime, so what do you do to relax and just do for Krista?
what do I like to do for relaxation... I listen to music by candlelight.. I write poetry.. I workout (as weird as that may seem).. I take baths by candlelight... get a darn good massage I am a sucker for massage....close my eyes and dream of where I would like to be instead of where I am..

8. You seem to have a thing for MM, why?
I love Marilyn Monroe because she has a power and an aura about her that pulls me in.. she makes ME feel beautiful, smart, naive, fragile... she makes me believe that I can keep going..i could stare at her picture for hours because of the perfection of her face and I am fascinated by her beauty.. I know if she were alive that we would be the best of friends..I just love her.

9. Hopes and dreams?
my hopes and dreams.. this is a hard one for me too.. I don't really think about them much.. I haven't really thought about myself for awhile.. I have been too busy getting married, divorced etc...

10. OK, what would be your dream of a romantic evening?
I am telling you Jerry, I don't have a ton of favorites.. there are too many things I like.. the ideal romantic evening... it would have to include the man of my dreams, a secluded hiding place where it was just the two of us and plenty of time... the ideal evening would be TIME on my hands....and the rest you can leave to the imagination..

11. A gamble here, no hitting if you don't like the question, measurements please?
my measurements are 34-24-34

12. Your ideal mate?
my ideal mate (here we go again.. haha) someone who actually wanted to be with me would be ideal...a man who loves and cherishes me for who I am and loves me for all of my faults, that would be ideal.

13. Your preference, one night stands or long relationships?
I am DEFINITELY not a one night stand type of person.. it is not in a Scorpios nature.. I am the epitome of loyalty and I don't believe in just casual sex.. if it doesn't rock my world it isn't worth doing... haha... my relationships have usually been in the 2-4 year range.. my marriage was a freak of nature, an accident, the shortest courtship I ever had...

14. Your favorite drink and men seem to like a woman who'll drink a beer with them, your thoughts on that?
my favorite drink... it would have to be water with a lemon... I can't stand women who drink, I think it is incredibly tacky! I can't stand women who drink beer.. ugh... and they wonder why they can't get the weight off. hello! I don't mind if other people drink around me, I just don't because I don't like the extra calories and I think it is very undignifying (is that a word?) It has also NEVER been appealing to me.. oh yes I am a control freak! I am uninhibited enough as it is..

15. You told Phil you love football, why? And while we're on sports, you mentioned tennis as your favorite sport to play, any good?
My favorite sport to watch is football because I always wanted to play it.. I love the violence and the sound.. I love the strategy. I love indoor because of the pace of the game too.. I love tennis because I play it and I should have gone professional with it but it's too late now..

16. Packers and Raiders, curious, why those two teams?
I'm a Packers fan because I was born in Wisconsin and a Raiders fan because I love the way they market..

17. Seems women have this thing for motorcycles and guys on bikes, why you?
I am a definite motorcycle girl.. Harley Davidson's were born in Wisconsin yeah! I love to be on the back of a bike with my hair in a braid and a head rag on having my hands around my hunky guys waist and just driving into the sunset..

18. As a busy person I know you end up with allot of stress, how do you deal with it?
working out is my stress relief.. I have been working out since I was eighteen.. I love the weight room and banging around the weights.. it is my time to think about my life and listen to some good music on my headphones.

19. Most of the Krista I've seen has been in skimpy swimsuits, but you have to wear something else once in awhile. Are you more of a jeans and sweatshirt type or dress to the 9's?
Jeans or dress up girl... I am both.. I am the extreme end of both spectrums.. I obviously live in workout clothes.. but I die for a fabulous pair of 4 inch heels and the girlist sexiest outfit! I love to be a girl..

20. Going out on a limb here with this, thong underwear or other?
definitely thong underwear.. is there any other kind?

21. If you could any single thing, anything at all, what?
if I could have any one thing in life what would it be?... the man of my dreams..

22. What is your middle name?
my middle name is Karen, it's my mom's name..

23. I have heard anywhere from early 20's to early 30's, so tell the truth, how old are you?
my age.. yeah.. 27

24. If you could live anywhere in the World, where would it be?
if I could live anywhere in the world where would it be? it would be in fantasy land because I want the mountains, the oceans, everything beautiful within walking distance along with the freedoms of America.. know anyplace like that?

25. Phil mentioned to me something about a tattoo, what and where?
I love my tattoo it is a musical eighth note on the small of my back.. I love music and if I was to ever return to this earth as anything it would be a beautiful piece of music.. I want another tattoo.. I just haven't decided on where or what.. maybe that would be the next poll. haha..

26. Do you think you're sexy?
do I think I am sexy? no.. there have been a few people in my life who make me feel sexy, and I love them for it..

27. If you wanted to knock a man's socks off, what would you wear?
what would I wear to knock a man's socks off? every man is so individual that it would depend on who he was.. I am good at dressing right for the occasion and the company, I would just have to meet him and then I would dress accordingly. :)

28. Natural hair color please?
My hair is naturally a "chickensh.t blonde" as my mother calls it.. ugly ... I am currently bleachy blonde on top, red in the middle and dark brown at the bottom. oh yes, tri-colored hair.. I am working my way back to just being blonde though.. my hair is almost to my waist and it is the sexy long hair, not the nappy long hair..

29. What is your favorite show on TV?
I am definitely a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.. that is one of my all time favorite shows. I own seasons 1-4 on DVD... I see myself as Buffy most of the time.. haha.. it is one of my nicknames.. I LOVE the Simpson's too.. we have Simpson's fests at our house where we watch them for hours at a time..

30.. Favorite movie or type of movie?
I LOVE British comedies. I could watch them for hours.. when I'm alone I usually have one.. I always have one on in the morning while I am getting dressed.. I love
"Are you being served" and "is it legal". they are so hilarious!

31. Where do you or would you like to vacation?
My fav vacations spots? I adore Europe.. I love Venice and Austria.. I LOVE London and the wonderful plays you can see.. An ideal spot would be Fiji or one of those fabulous islands with the blue water and all you have to wear is nothing..

32. Favorite actor?
Here comes the older men thing again... I LOVE Sean Connery with a passion because he is gorgeous and his voice makes me melt.. I am totally into voices... I love George Clooney's DAD! He used to host a special on AMC and he had a face to die for and that silver hair, yum... I like Brad Pitt because he has a lisp like me and I think it's sexy.. I like Antonio Bandaras because he has an incredible face and I love his demeanor..i'm not too much into actors..

33. And actress?
Actresses that I think are sexy.. definitely Madonna, Angelina Jolie.. those two babes top my list.. yummy with a capital Y! obviously Marilyn.. I like women who have an aura about them and a power about them that makes them irresistible.. few women possess it, but the ones who do are on my short list of yummy...

34. If you could spend 3 days and nights with anyone, anywhere, where would you go, and who with?
No names, but my soul mate... Fiji in one of those huts on stilts in the water.. with nothing to wear but the sand, sun and surf!

35. What would you consider your best physical asset (s)?
my best physical asset.. like i said there are no BESTS.. i love my lips, my eyelashes, my abs are fantastic.. i have great hair.. my soul mate loves my ass.. haha.. i have beautiful hands.. i do have a million dollar smile too.

36. Non physical?
my best non-physical asset... my personality, the way i love people

37. Thoughts on dating in your busy World?
I am incredibly picky on dating..

38. Would you pose for Playboy or a similar type of magazine?
fabulous question and it is one that i keep asking myself over and over again... the answer right now is no... the money is so darn tempting, maybe next year! i would do a spread for Victorias Secret though.. I'd do that anytime!

39. Have to ask, rumor has it that you are uh let's just say enhanced in a certain area, true or what?
haha........................................on that I plead the fifth

40. Well Krista, wrapping this up, have you enjoyed sharing all of this with "your" public?
Definitely. I didn't really know i had a public. Thank you all for a great season and I'll see you on the field. Hugs and Kisses"

A last picture of Krista for her fans. Click on the picture for a larger version.

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