Garrett "Wild Man" White brings his passion to the Warriors

04/16/03 NIFL Fan Article by Philip J. Rogich, Syracuse, UT

If you have ever watched Garrett White play, then you would know why I have dubbed him "Wild Man". He brings to the game a passion and intensity not often seen at any level. His actions have gained him instant popularity with the fans and the press.

Garrett White was born in Provo, UT while his parents were attending BYU. Once his parents finished college they moved to Yakima, WA. Garrett is the oldest of five children. He has one brother and three sisters. He states, "my whole family is crazy like me." "If you were to see them at a game, you would think they were drunk, but no one in my family drinks." He is pretty much the only athlete in the family. The rest of them mostly have musical pursuits. Garrett now lives in Utah county and is engaged to be married in August.

Garrett attended Eisenhower High School, in Yakima. There he was involved in football, basketball, and track. He played wide receiver and free safety on the football team. His junior year he was first team all state as a free safety. After his junior year he had five scholarship offers. During his senior year he had an injury to his hand and only played in the last two games. He was still named second team all state as a free safety.

Bosie State University was the college that Garrett first went to play football. He red-shirted his first year. Garrett finally played his second year and did well. During this year Garrett did a lot of reflecting and sole searching. He came to the conclusion that he wanted to serve an LDS mission. The coach told Garrett if he went on a mission, he would loose his scholarship. Garrett chose God over football and gave up his scholarship. He served an LDS mission in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

When Garrett returned from his mission, he attended Ricks college. At Ricks he was welcomed onto the football team with open arms. At Ricks, Garrett had two life changing events. The first was he got married. The other happened three games into the football season. He started having problems with his teeth and jaw. After several tests he was diagnosed with cancer in his jaw. There were several painful surgeries and Garrett’s jaw was wired shut. Garrett lost about 30 lbs. It looked like his football career might be over.

The following year Garrett made a medical hardship appeal to the NCAA. It was granted and he received a second year at Ricks. It was a great season for Garrett and Ricks. Ricks finished the year 11-1 and for much of the year was the number one ranked team in the nation. Garrett was offered several scholarships to four year schools, including Utah State and BYU.

Garrett’s success on the football field during the year did not carry over to his personal life. He was having financial problems because of his medical bills and he was having marital problems. His wife was from Calgary, Canada. She was homesick and wanted to return. His wife also felt she had taken a back seat to football and wanted him to show her that she was more important. For the second time in his life Garrett chose something else over football. Garrett moved with his wife to Calgary in order to save his marriage. He played Canadian rules football at the University of Calgary. The move did not save the marriage and with-in a year, they were divorced.

Garrett moved to Utah where his family was now living. Both Utah State and BYU wanted him to walk on. Since he only had one year of eligibility left, Garrett decided to no longer play college football. He enrolled at BYU to finish his degree in education. While at BYU Garrett has helped coach football at several high schools. Garrett will graduate this year from BYU. He now works at a mortgage company and will continue to work there while he coaches on the side.

Three years ago Garrett saw that there was to be a try-out for a indoor football team, the Utah Express. He made the team, however the name was changed to the Utah Rattlers. Garrett loved playing indoor football. "I was able to do thing’s in indoor football that I would get in trouble for in the outdoor game,"Stated Garrett. The team did well on the field and made the play-off the first year. The team was having financial problems and low attendance. By the end of the season players were no longer being paid. Several players refused to play in the last few games. The season ended and the team folded.

The following year several of his teammates from the Rattlers went to play on other NIFL teams. He stayed in Utah to finish his education and to work. He heard a new team would be formed in Utah that year but it never transpired. Finally two years latter the Utah Warriors were formed and he joined the team.

Before the season started it looked as if Garrett would play in a back up role and as a special teams player. In a pre-season game vs. The Red Dogs there were several key injuries. This allowed Garrett to see more playing time in the first game vs. Billings. At the end of the game Garrett came up with two key interceptions, to seal a Warriors victory. Since then he has been a key part of the Warriors defense. In three games he has 2 interceptions, 13 tackles and 4 pass deflections. "I knew I could step up and play big on this team, I just needed my chance" said Garrett.

After having a week off, Garrett and the rest of the Warriors travel to Rapid City, to take on the 3-2 Red Dogs. The Red Dogs are out for revenge, while the Warriors are out to prove they are the best in the West. With several key players returning from injuries the Warriors are sure to prove the pre season win over the Red Dogs was no fluke. The game can be heard on 1280 AM. The Warriors return home to play on March 26th against the Sioux Falls Storm. The Warriors will also be celebrating Law Enforcement appreciation night.

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