John Wehrle...Life as a Kicker in the NIFL.

Interview by Sara Bennett

Soon to have another Championship ring on his finger, I got a chance to sit down and ask John a few questions about his life and football career.
Now most would say, why a kicker, why not a QB or RB, but kickers are a vital part of the game and games many times are won or lost on a kickers foot, just the same as a QB's arm or a RB's legs. They don't usually get the credit they deserve, so why not a kicker?


Lets start with the basics first:
Age:  25
Birthday: Feb. 28,1978
Hometown:  St. Albans, WV
Family:  Dad:  F. Joe Wehrle,  Mom:  Janet K. Wehrle,  1 Brother:  Joseph M.Wehrle
High School Awards All State Soccer: 93-95, All State Football: 93-95, All State Swimmer 95

I know soccer is your first love, why did you leave it for football
I really loved playing soccer and I still love playing, but in college I realized I had more of a chance to play pro football rather that soccer.

Where did you go to college
West Virginia Wesleyan College 1996-1999, transferred to Marshall University in 99, graduated in 2001.

Professional Career:
Played for the River Cities Locomotives in Huntington in 2001, where we were horrible (1-13).  Then John Blackmore called me in the summer of 2001 and asked to come play for the Greyhounds, and the rest is history.

I have been a part of the last two national championship teams here in Wheeling, where we have only lost one game.

What things in a women turns you on:
I really like a woman's eyes.  I think that eyes are very sexy and you can tell a lot about a woman by looking into their eyes.  I also like women with nice legs and a nice posterior.  Also, once I get past the physical side, I like someone that can be fun, likes to laugh, and is just real down to earth.

Turn offs
Someone who thinks that they are too good for anyone else.  I am not a big fan of women with that type of an attitude.

Favorites, Food
I really don't have a single favorite food, but I really enjoy chicken, tacos and I eat plenty of salads.

I have a list of my five favorite movies: The Green Mile, Men of Honor, Legends of the Fall, Patch Adams, and The Shawshank Redemption.

I really enjoy alternative rock and more of the bands that actually play their own instruments.  I am more into the rock side of things.

Domestic- Miller Lite, Import-Newcastle Brown Ale.

No real favorite in clothes, just what I find on sale.

I try to wear Adidas shoes, but again whatever I find on sale.

No front-runner on this one.

I would have to say Denzel Washington, Robin Williams, and a few others

Do you want to get married and/or have children
Well, of course I do, but not real sure when.  I feel that right now would be too soon. I mean I can barely afford myself, so I don't want to bring someone else into my demise.  I would love to have children someday.  I really love children and I have a
little nephew that I just adore.  One day I would love to have a couple of kids, no matter boy or girl.

Favorite sports
My first love is soccer. I have been playing since I was five, and I have played in every state along the East Coast except Maine.  I have made some really great friends along the way from a number of different countries.  I would then say football, because that is what I would like to do for a living.  I also enjoy baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, lacrosse, and anything that involves physical activities.

Favorite Teams
My favorite pro team would probably be the New York Jets, mainly b/c of Chad Pennington.  I was at Marshall while he was there, and I just think that he is an excellent Professional.  As for college sports, I am a huge North Carolina Tarheel fan, in certain sports.

What is your Best NIFL experience
Easy, winning the two National Championships here in Wheeling.  I think the first one was better b/c it was a bit more unexpected.  I think this past one was very expected of us by ourselves and by our community.

What do you like about kicking in the NIFL:
The fact that I really don't have to practice too much.  Actually, I have really enjoyed the teammates that I have had here in Wheeling.  I have made a lot of really good friends along the way.  Also, I like the fact that I might have the chance to move up to a higher level.

Well that was my next question, would you like to move up to a higher league?
Absolutely, I feel that I have the skills that are needed for a higher level.  It just takes time and getting that right opportunity.

If things don't work they way you would like them to what is your plans after football?
I would like to get into performance enhancement training.  I did my internship in college at a performance enhancement clinic and I think I would love to get into that sort of thing.  I really enjoyed helping others reach their full potential and watching them realize that they can achieve their goals when they put their minds to it.

Now since all the girls are getting asked about thongs. are you a brief or boxer man?
Actually, I am a boxer brief man.

And for my last question. how would you describe yourself?
I am a laid back, easy-going person with a fun personality.  I just really enjoy life and am having a great time doing what I am doing.

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