2003 Atlantic Conference All Stars




            POSITION                              PLAYER                                                         TEAM

Quarterback                                       Shane Franzer                                   O.V. Greyhounds

Wide Receivers                                John Cooper                                         O.V. Greyhounds

                                                            Adrian Reese                                  Ft. Wayne Freedom

                                                            Jeremy Dutcher                               Ft. Wayne Freedom        

Running Back                                    Rocky Harvey                                      Ft. Wayne Freedom

Guards                                               Jason Hupp                                       O.V. Greyhounds

                                                            Patrick Paulsen                               Ft. Wayne Freedom

Center                                                Mike Blackburn                                  O.V. Greyhounds                              

Kicker                                                 John Wehrle                                      O.V. Greyhounds

Defensive Ends                                 Rachman Crable                                   Ft. Wayne Freedom

                                                            Eddie Bynes                                    O.V. Greyhounds

NoseGuard                                        Tim Buffone                                         O.V. Greyhounds

Safety                                                 Mo Abdullah                                       O.V. Greyhounds

CornerBacks                                     Gary Jackson                                       O.V. Greyhounds       

                                                            Andrae Brooks                                  Ft. Wayne Freedom

LineBacker                                        Allan Jackson                                       O.V. Greyhounds         

Safety/Linebacker                             Pat Cavanaugh                                      Ft. Wayne Freedom

MVP-Offense                                     Martez Johnson                                    Lexington Horsemen

MVP-Defense                                   Eddie Bynes                                          O.V. Greyhounds

MVP-Special Teams                        Dougie Allen                                           Lexington Horsemen

Head Coach                                      Mark Bonar                                           O.V. Greyhounds



            POSITION                              PLAYER                                                       TEAM

Quarterback                                       John Howdeshell                            Oklahoma Crude

Wide Receivers                               Jackie Warren                                   Oklahoma Crude

                                                            Earl Vercher                                Lake Charles Landsharks

                                                            Kevin Heard                                 Houma Bayou Bucks

Running Back                                     David Winbush                               Lake Charles Landsharks

Guards                                               Reggie Nelson                               Lake Charles Landsharks

                                                            Troy Davis                                   Houma Bayou Bucks

Center                                                Darrell Johnson                              Beaumont Drillers             

Kicker                                                 Clint Sanford                                 Lake Charles Landsharks

Defensive Ends                           Kendel Shello                                         Lake Charles Landsharks

                                                            Andre Reed                                 Houma Bayou Bucks

NoseGuard                                        Roger Green                                    Houma Bayou Bucks

Safety                                                 Warren St. Junious                        Lake Charles Landsharks

CornerBacks                                     Anthony Porter                                 Lake Charles Landsharks

                                                            Tyrone Hughes                             Houma Bayou Bucks

LineBacker                                        Ricky Franklin                                  Tupelo Fireants

Safety/Linebacker                             Darnell Lee                                        Lake Charles Landsharks

MVP-Offense                                     David Winbush                                  Lake Charles Landsharks

MVP-Defense                                 Kendel Shello                                      Lake Charles Landsharks

MVP-Special Teams                        Clint Sanford                                       Lake Charles Landsharks

Head Coach                                      Kip Texada                                        Lake Charles Landsharks


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