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05/12/01 Poll results. This weeks poll asked "We have now completed 6 weeks of play and there has been a fair amount of inter divisional play. Now which division do you see as being the strongest from best from top to bottom?"

  1. Central 53%

  2. Southern 24%

  3. Eastern 19%

  4. Western 4%

Looking at how close the botton to top teams are in the Central I think the fans picked it right. We might disagree with the West at only 4%, but we didn't get a vote. 

05/05/01 Poll results This week we asked "We have come to the conclusion of week 5. At this point in the season how would you rate the quality of play? A is best"

  1. B 41.2%

  2. A 28.5%

  3. C 16.4%

  4. D 8.4%

  5. F 5.5%

I think at this point in the season the league and teams would be happy with a C, but the fans clearly feel the league is doing much better.

04/28/01 Poll results "Week 4 is in the books and 4 teams have yet to post a "W" This weeks poll asks, which team will be last to get their first win?"

  1. Fire Ants 27.6%

  2. LocoMotives 26.2%

  3. Bandits 24.4%

  4. Bayou Beast 21.8%

After the weekends play these 4 teams are still winless, but in week 6 one will get a "W" as the Beast and Fire Ants square off. Might be tougher for the Loco's who take on the J-Dogs and the Bandits who host the Cavalry

04/21/01 Poll results "Week 3 is over and 5 teams still have a zero in the loss column. Who do you think will go the longest before tasting defeat for the 1st time?"

  1. Wyoming Cavalry 31.9% Tie

  2. Johnstown J-Dogs 31.9% Tie

  3. Mississippi Firedogs 15.1%

  4. Sioux Falls Storm 14.0%

  5. Lake Charles LandSharks 7.1%

04/14/01 Poll results "Which team has the best looking and most informative website?"

  1. J-Dogs 13.2%

  2. Heat 11.1%

  3. Greyhounds 10.5% 

  4. LocoMotives 9.6%

  5. Storm 9.3%

  6. Outlaws 7.7%

  7. Bandits 6.5%

  8. Diesel 6.1%

  9. Firedogs 6.0%

  10. LandSharks 5.3%

  11. Seagulls 4.0%

  12. Beast 3.8%

  13. Rangers 3.7%

  14. Shockwave 3.2%

04/06/01 Poll results "In week one of NIFL play all but 2 teams scored under 35 points. This weeks poll asks, is defense the name of the game in the NIFL?"

  1. No 51.5%

  2. Yes 48.5%

03/31/01 Poll results "Who will be the Southern Division Champion?"

  1. Mobile AL 26.8%

  2. Lake Charles, LA 21.6%

  3. Tupelo MS 16.0%

  4. Monroe LA 12.1%

  5. Alexandria LA 11.8%

  6. Biloxi MS 11.7%

Part 2 of the poll was "Who will be the Western Division Champion?"

  1. Yakima WA 40.0%

  2. Medford OR 34.1%

  3. Orem UT 25.9

03/24/01 Poll results " Who will be the Central Division Champion?"

  1. Sioux City IA  21.6%

  2. Kearney NE 18.0%

  3. Sioux Falls SD 17.6%

  4. Casper WY 15.2%

  5. 5 Rapid City SD 14.8%

  6. Billings MT 12.8%

Part 2 of the poll was "Who will be the Eastern Division Champion?"

  1. Johnstown PA 46.0%

  2. Wheeling WV 34.5%

  3. Huntington WV 19.5%

03/14/01 Our last poll (Who will be crowned champion in the Central Division) was interrupted due to site hosting problems. We will be rerunning the poll along with one for another division beginning Sunday. We apologize for this minor interruption.

03/03/01 Poll results "What division will shine in year one?" Thanks to all who participated in the NIFL's first online poll.

1. Central 47.5%
2. Southern 27.5%
3. Western 15.2%
4. Eastern 9.8%

Ohio Valley Greyhounds Wheeling WV River Cities Locomotives Huntington, WV Bayou Beast Monroe, LA Mississippi Firedogs Biloxi, MS Lake Charles LandSharks Lake Charles, LA Louisiana Rangers Alexandria, LA Mobile Seagulls Mobile AL
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